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Sandwell Martial Arts

Taekwondo classes in West Bromwich, Rowley Regis, West Midlands

Why Exercise with us?

Sandwell Tae Kwon Do are a family friendly martial arts school located in the West Midlands. We operate in various locations across the borough including West Bromwich, Rowley Regis and Dudley. Tae Kwon Do training can offer many benefits including:

- Self defence protection

- Fitness Improvement

- Increased flexibility

- Confidence Building

-Co- ordination skills

- Teamwork development

... so much more!

All martial arts schools have something unique to offer and martial arts training is tailored to each school based on the instructors experience and skills. We are a little bit different!

At Sandwell Tae Kwon Do we are proud to be a forward thinking Academy who have over 18 years experience in our art. We are a school who are piloting an exciting new Martial Arts Excellence Programme which involves voluntary community engagement sessions from our instructor, rewarding our clients for their exceptional efforts and encouraging the local community to participate in martial arts classes.

We offer specialist beginner classes where you will train with people who are all starting their journey to black belt at the same time.

Children's only classes are also available split by age and grade to ensure your child has a comfortable lesson with people in their developmental bracket.

One to One sessions are available on request.

At Sandwell Tae Kwon Do no two classes are ever the same. We are led by our clients. You set your own personal goals and we ensure that you achieve them.

We are price competitive and offer a month free trial for all new members (up to 12 classes across a 4 week period).

We also offer family discounts on our monthly training fees as we understand the importance of bonding together in a family hobby which instils important life skills for both adults and children.
DBS Insured By: ITC

DBS: Yes
Insured By: ITC

Call  0330 122 4572

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